GPRS Ensures Safe Excavation

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Inc. of Pittsburgh was contacted by the owner of a private residence to locate utilities on the property to ensure safe excavation for the installation of a retaining wall around the driveway.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was used to locate the existing gas lines from the valve near the street to the gas meter at the house.  The GPR was able to clearly see 4 feet into the ground to locate the line at 2.5 feet.  A foreign line was also located which, when excavated, turned out to be an inactive gas line that was previously replaced.  Both of these lines crossed into the work area which, if left undetected, could have potentially led to a dangerous accident.

For this residential utility locate job, the GPRS technician also used radio detection and induction methods to locate the water line and sewer lines into the home.  These methods require the technician to directly connect to a conduit with wire passing through it or a metal line and send a signal along it.  The water and sewer lines were found to not pass through the work area, giving peace of mind that no interaction with these utilities was possible and costly accidents due to hitting these lines were not going to occur.

Using these methods, the GPRS technician was able to locate the gas lines, water line and sewer line at the residence.  With the field markings clearly in place and communicated with the owner and the construction foreman, excavation was able to be completed quickly and safely.

Water line located using induction method and flagged to indicate path.

In construction, professionalism is everything, and completing your projects without incidents can make or break your bottom line. When you are excavating, it is important to have utilities privately and publicly located. Utilizing GPRS for your project will help reduce injury, increase productivity, and maintain incident-free professionalism that your clients demand.GPRS uses the latest and greatest technology to locate power lines, fiber lines, water lines, UST’s, storm drains, and sewer drains under the surface. Utilizing GPRS on your project can help mitigate costly repairs, prevent severe injuries, and maintain the integrity of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Pittsburgh is available to service the private utility locating and concrete scanning needs of Western Pennsylvania.

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