GPRS Finds the Location of a Sewer Pipe for a Customer in Ohio

Bo McGee from GPRS Ohio region was called out to a plant to locate a sewer line in need of repair prior to the customer excavating.   Here are the comments from the customer on the project along with the before and after pictures.

“You not only found the “mystery” location of the sewer piping, but you discovered a network of live conduits that were in the planned cut zone.   As a result of your scans, we opted to jack-hammer the concrete instead of saw cutting it.  The marked locations for the conduit and sewer piping were right-on, and we had no difficulties during the excavation. “

GPR is a safe & cost efficient method to locate reinforcing steel, conduit, voids, etc. To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in Northwest Ohio, contact Regional Manager, Bo McGee, at 419-481-6737 or You can also visit our website for additional information.

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