GPRS, Inc. Helps General Contractor in Orlando, FL Identify Safe Place to Saw Cut Slab

GPRS Identify Safe Place to Saw Cut Slab

This past month, a GPRS technician was called upon in Orlando, FL to quickly meet the needs of a large General Contractor. The company was working at an Orlando Hospital and needed to relocate an air conditioning unit on the second floor. The technician arrived on site and was able to accurately mark out the slab using their concrete scanning antenna to identify post-tension, rebar, and beams in the slab (seen above). This was helpful to the general contractor so they knew exactly where they were able to cut without the risk of injuring anyone while on site. The white lines represent rebar, while the orange lines represent post-tension cables.

If you or your company have any similar concrete scanning needs, please contact your local Central Florida technician, Derrick Thomas at 407-637-1832 or visit for any other questions you may have.

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