GPRS INC. Located Post-Tension Cables & Rebar in Downtown Charleston, SC

Prior to the installation of water pipes through the concrete slab floors, a local construction company contacted GPRS to scan the areas before coring took place in a hotel in downtown Charleston. Jeremy Martin – GPRS South Carolina mobilized to perform a non-hazardous, non-destructive method of concrete x-ray. Due to the portability of the GPR antenna, the scanning was performed quickly and accurately. Since the results were marked directly onto the surface, the customer was able to preserve the structures integrity and miss the reinforcing steel within the elevated concrete slab.

Unlike x-ray/gamma ray, Ground Penetrating Radar is time efficient, non-hazardous and able to show real time results. The energy emitted is equivalent to 1% of a cell phone, therefore, the production of the construction site can continue without any radiation hazards. Our Mission is to provide solutions to the critical problems our customersface regarding the location of hidden elements in concrete and underground.

Learn how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can assist your company with your next project throughout the South Carolina area. GPRS specializes in locating conduit, finding post tension cables/rebar, or searching for underground utilities. Please contact Jeremy Martin at 843.312.6662 or by email at

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