GPRS Investigates Deterioration of Dock Cells of Fuel Storage Terminals

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. is the nation’s largest company that specializes in detection of underground utilities and scanning of concrete structures. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced technicians in every major U.S market and in Canada. We use the industries best equipment, and our technicians have the training necessary to complete any job; even a project that requires them to travel on a boat to a fuel storage terminal on the St. Johns River in Florida.

Adam Yunker, Regional Manager for Northern Florida was contacted by a large petroleum company to inspect the outer ring of 4 docking cells that were built in the early to mid-1900’s. The original design of the docking cells was sufficient to accommodate the size of ships at that time, but as larger ships were anchoring at these cells the integrity of concrete structures needed to be redesigned. Over the years the docking cells had been reinforced with outer layers of sheet piling and concrete, but the client was unsure if rebar had been used in the most outer layer. In most recent years the outer layer of sheet piling and concrete was beginning to decay and had been damaged in a few areas. The client wanted to repair the cells and needed to know some information regarding the current structural integrity and reinforcing steel within the concrete. GPRS was contracted to inspect the cells and provide information regarding the rebar present in the concrete (if any).

In order to scan the cells, Adam needed to ride out on a boat with a crew of 4 men to get access to the tops of the cells. After using a ladder system to gain access to the top surface of the docking cells GPR was then used to scan the concrete surface of the cell. Adam was able to determine that 2 of the cells did not have any reinforcement and 2 of the cells did contain rebar which he was able to map out and mark on the surface. As a result of the GPR results, engineers were able to determine the proper course of action to complete the repairs to existing cells. GPRS technicians are equipped with several types of equipment to adapt to unique situations like this one. Adam used the GSSI StructureScan mini which does not require long cables or other bulky equipment which makes it easier to transport the equipment on the boat and get it to the scanning location. With the information that GPRS provided the client will be able to make the necessary repairs to the 2 cells and make the determination if additional reinforcement was needed on the other 2. Knowing what was below the surface of the concrete gave the client the confidence and knowledge to make the best decision.

Mapping deterioration of concrete and corrosion of rebar is critical to maintaining the integrity and safety of concrete structures. GPRS utilizes state-of-the-art mapping technology to measure the strength of reflection in rebar and our technicians can identify the structural risks in concrete, allowing clients to begin remediation before the deterioration compromises the structure. In addition, our technical expertise in interpreting and mapping this data helps clients perform maintenance before deterioration becomes more extensive and costly to repair.

GPRS has become the industry’s first choice in GPR services due to our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction and technical expertise. We believe that this honor speaks to our outstanding staff, our loyal customer base and the high level of service that we provide to the industry, which is why we are known as the Experts in GPR. GPRS utilizes the latest technologies in ground penetrating radar, concrete x-ray, and electromagnetic induction. In the hands of the most experienced technicians in the industry, these tools can provide immediate and accurate detection of subsurface elements, allowing construction managers, engineers, contractors, utility workers, and homeowners to safely conduct their jobs in less time and at a lower cost. For a complete listing of our nationwide locations, visit our website at; contact us for more information, to request a quote or schedule your next project.

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