GPRS is Committed to the Highest Level of Safety

From new hire to company President – everyone at GPRS is responsible for job site safety.  We believe our safety vision defines who we are and our safety records set us apart. Contractors in the central Florida area and Orlando know to call GPRS when they need to know what lies beneath the surface of concrete. They trust us to keep their jobsite safe and their project on time and within budget.

One of those contractors was planning to install new support beams within a large concrete structure. They needed multiple surface areas scanned adding up to roughly 720 square feet that was located forty feet high and could only be accessed by scissor lift.  They reached out to GPRS to scan the concrete to locate rebar, post tension cables and all unknown reinforcing steel.

GPRS worked together with the contractor and decided to use a specialty GSSI built scanner that is specifically designed to scan large concrete surfaces located in high places. The scope of the project lasted two full days of working on the lift.  Once the scanning was complete the GPRS technician marked all findings on the surface with permanent marker and discussed the results with the engineer so they could determine how to layout the anchors to support the weight of the beams. The beams were successfully installed in the concrete structure without incident.

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