GPRS Locates Everything – in a concrete slab – at The University of Utah Hospital

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contracted to locate everything in a concrete slab at The University of Utah hospital, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The contractor had no idea what was in this slab due to the fact that it was over 50 years old. GPRS was hired to mark all findings in order for them to core drill for remodeling. Recently, The University of Utah made the smart decision to make this mandatory due to the lack of knowledge about the slabs and wanting to ensure safety.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. has a few different tools that could be used to locate, potentially anything, within a concrete slab. GPRS used the 1600MHz antenna on this project; the 1600 is our standard piece of equipment. We also used a smaller antenna called “The Palm”, this antenna helps us get into smaller areas and allows us to get to areas that are just too tight for the larger 1600MHz antenna. Finally, GPRS always has a Radio Detection wand handy for all jobs. The Radio Detection wand is a way to double check that there is no power running through the slab.

At the University of Utah hospital, we were able to locate all the reinforcement within the slab so that they could core drill safely. The University was glad that they did not have to clear out the area, like they would have to have done if they used x-ray. This University hospital could not have the area cleared out, but wanted to make sure that the work was done safely as well. GPRS was able to ensure that both were done. Radar is safe to be around, and the job was done without the core driller hitting anything within the slab.

GPRS does much more than concrete scanning. We also do utility locating, underground storage tank (UST) locating, and we can even find voids. If you need work done safely, it is our job to make sure you don’t hit anything while drilling, cutting or digging. If you need work done in Utah, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming, please Contact Cooper Cox, Project Manager at (801) 419-7031 or

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