GPRS Locates Underground Utilities at the Cleveland Clinic – Lyndhurst, Ohio Campus

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently called out to a project in Lyndhurst, Ohio. The scope of work was to locate any underground utilities throughout the roadway from the main entrance to the main building. By using GPR and Radio Detection, many utilities were located with depth indications to prevent utilities from getting hit. The contractor needed to put in a new roadway and needed to know what utilities were in the area. Electrical conduits would have been hit during excavation if they were not marked with depth indications. GPR and Radio Detection is an accurate and effective way of locating underground utilities, underground storage tanks, and voids. The pictures below show some of the many utilities located on site.

For more information on how GPRS, Inc. can help you on your next project, please contact Micah Stair at 330-639-8933 or by email at  We also have the capabilities of locating conduits, rebar, and post tension cables in a concrete slab.

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