GPRS Locates Utilities for Hospital in Charleston, SC

A general construction company was in the beginning stages of constructing a new parking garage for one of the main hospitals in downtown Charleston South Carolina. They contacted GPRS to help locate utilities prior to drilling for foundation installations. Grid scans with the 400 MHz ground penetrating radar antenna were performed to identify and mark out all potential utilities within the proposed areas. GPRS also utilizes a radio detection device which helps in locating live electrical power and communication lines. Ground penetrating radar is an accurate and effective way to help locate underground utility lines or any other material that may be underground.

Jeremy Martin is the project manager for GPRS operations throughout the state of South Carolina. For more information, to receive a quote, or to schedule your next project please contact Jeremy at 843.312.6662 or by email at For a complete listing of our nationwide service, visit our website at

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