GPRS Locates Utilities in Fueling Terminal – Jacksonville, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contracted recently to complete a utility locate within a fueling terminal prior to installing a new pipe rack. Even though the project was simple, creating a pipe rack for approximately 100 linear feet to support a storm drain pipe, the project could easily have been complicated if a utility was struck during the digging process. The foundations for the pipe rack were to be augured out and concrete poured in. It was necessary to locate the electrical conduit, water lines, control lines and other underground utilities prior to drilling for the foundations, as a disruption of these services could cause a major shut down for the terminal. Following the investigation the contractor was able to install all foundations safely, with minimal risk in regards to endangering his employees or the facility in which they worked.

If you would like similar work completed or have questions regarding the capabilities of GPR and our services, please visit the “contact us” page at . In the image below you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker scanning with the 400 MHz antenna to locate underground utilities near an existing pipe bridge.

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