GPRS Locates Utilities, Tanks, and Potential Unmarked Graves

Northern Virginia

A cemetery lot requested Ground Penetrating Radar to scan the areas of concern for utilities, a tank, and possible unmarked graves.

The information on the location of these items would then be used for planning of future installations. GPRS, using Ground Penetrating Radar, identified the utilities and tank and marked on the ground areas of concern for unmarked graves.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of DC/Virginia has the capability and man power to finish large projects in a timely manner to ensure your project finishes on time. This was all done in a safe, timely, and non-destructive way. Ground Penetrating Radar is the new way to x-ray.

If you need utility and/or cemetery locating in the Northern Virginia area, please contact Jeremy Campbell at 571.481.7166 or at

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