GPRS: Looking Forward to 2016

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) has been providing expert, professional sub-surface detection services since 2001. The company was started by Matt Aston in Toledo, Ohio, and soon expanded throughout Ohio and Michigan by 2004. The company began its national expansion effort in 2008 and now has offices in every major US city and is currently expanding in Canada. As we close out 2015 and reflect on the continued upward trend we have seen, we look forward to the journey we will embark on for 2016.

GPRS is driven to provide concrete scanning and utility locating services as fast as possible. The DC market developed a Rapid Response Program in order to provide service within 24 hours in a 60 mile radius. It has proven to be a successful program and is being adopted in other markets in the Midwest and in Texas. In 2016 we will increase our arsenal of technicians by hiring and training close to 30 more technicians across the US and an additional 3 technicians to expand the Canadian market.

In an economy that has seen its ups and downs, GPRS continues to show tremendous growth while maintaining exceptional service. We are raising the bar in 2016 by rolling out our fleet of 2016 Chevy Colorados with GPRS graphics, which is just another way to arrive on your jobsite with the professionalism our clients expect. When you see our vehicles and you meet our experienced technicians we are assuring you the best outcome on your project.

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