GPRS Makes Demolition Project Safer at Ann Arbor University

Having information on what lies beneath the concrete floors prior to saw cutting is essential to ensure the safety of the workers involved with the demolition. Also, having the information of where existing embedded conduits & plumbing run throughout the areas allows everyone to devise a plan as to where future utilities should be placed. The last thing you would want to do is cut through an electrical conduit that is feeding a portion of the University. Ground Penetrating Radar should be used to provide as much information as possible so that the saw cutting process goes smoothly.

A plumbing contractor had a project inside a University building in Ann Arbor, MI where they needed to saw cut portions of concrete slabs to install new utilities throughout the space. There was a need to locate all the existing plumbing lines that passed through the areas so that a plan could be devised on how to place the new plumbing. There was also a concern considering the main electrical panel was in the same area as the future saw cuts. The contractor didn’t have any information as to where the electrical passed through. The risk of possibly damaging multiple live power feeds during the saw cutting was too great to continue without added information. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Ann Arbor, MI was contacted by the plumbing contractor to conduct a concrete investigation to determine the paths of any embedded conduits & existing plumbing lines. GPRS performed the project using a 1600 MHz high resolution concrete antenna accompanied with a RD8000 (radio detection wand). The equipment used allowed GPRS to identify the main live power feeds passing through the saw cut areas & mark the findings directly on the surface in real time. All of the plumbing lines were also identified throughout the areas. All the findings were then communicated clearly to the onsite Superintendent.


Don’t saw cut, core drill or dig without calling GPRS first. For more information in the Ann Arbor, MI area, contact Regional Manager, Thaddeus Bullock at 734.377.4551 or You may also visit

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