GPRS Miami office Locates Utilities at Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood Florida

GPRS’ South Florida Office has been fortunate to partner with Suffolk-Yates on the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino Project in Hollywood, Florida. When locating at a facility that has developed and expanded over the years, there are always unknowns beneath the surface. Very few facilities are able to keep up as-built drawings with the speed of expansion and growth as they meet the demands of their clients. The Casino is no exception to that challenge. The difficulty of creating an accurate utility map for private facilities lies many times in the contractors updating existing maps with new installations. Communication is not always complete, and oftentimes new utilities are not added to existing maps or old utility maps are not merged with new, up-to-date as-built drawings. This can be a nightmare for contractors as they begin excavation and construction on existing facilities without the knowledge of what lies below the surface. GPRS contracted with Suffolk-Yates to assist in building a line-strike prevention process prior to excavation; the resulting process included a private utility locate utilizing GPR and a Radiodetection unit as well as CAD mapping services. This was determined to be the best route for safely and efficiently excavating on the site while mitigating the risk for damage of utilities or injuries.

Throughout this particular project, GPRS located utilities on the property prior to all excavation and demolition on site. Following our investigations, we were able to collect GPS data for all of our findings and upload those data points into a CAD file for the client on site. The results are an up-to-date drawing of existing utilities in the ground that can be distributed to the subcontractors completing the digging onsite as well as facility personnel for their records after the project and in the future when new excavation needs arise. The results of our investigations no longer need to disappear with the paint and flags onsite as time passes by, but can be introduced into a file allowing for long-term documentation of the items found beneath the surface, with their depth. In the images provided, you can see Project Manager Peterson Jean-Baptiste locating in an area where future excavation will occur. The known utilities in this area were two water lines, a gas line and comms/fiber (although the location of the fiber was unknown). In the first photo (above) you can see that approximately 10-15 utilities were located in this area in addition to the known utilities. The risk that was mitigated in this area by having a private locate ahead of time saved the client not only potential massive costs for damaged utilities but also in project delays and potential damage to existing casino utilities that might have shut down operations at the facility. Utilities identified in this area were water, gas, electrical conduit, lighting conduit, fiber, sanitary, storm sewer, unknown utilities and one buried manhole lid covered in the asphalt. The old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this certainly was the case for our clients on this project.

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