GPRS of South Florida Scans for Void

GPRS of South Florida was recently called to analyze a hotel parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The loading dock area for the hotel was having abnormal cracking and sinking in their lot and the building engineer was concerned there was a larger issue beneath the surface.  GPRS dispatched Eddie Miller out of the Miami office to investigate the concrete and what may be causing issues below the surface.  Eddie mobilized to the site with a 400 MHz antenna and 1600 MHz antenna Ground Penetrating Radar unit manufactured by GSSI.

Eddie arrived to the site to find the scan area cleared of obstructions and vehicles. During an initial sweep of the area, it was clear that the concrete was cracking in specific areas of the docking area.  Eddie began gridding off the scan zone with scans north/south and east/west. Working in this pattern allows full coverage of the area and a better understanding of consistent data.  The data found indicated that there were significant voids beneath the areas of cracking in the loading dock.  GPR was unable to determine the cause of the voids (although hotel management felt it had to do with some damage following a recent hurricane), but GPRS was able to mark out the extent and location of the void.  Following the investigation, the building engineers were able to contract a local concrete company to cut and remove the voided areas, backfill with appropriate materials and pour a new slab for the loading dock.  The findings marked on site and interpreted by Eddie saved the hotel in potential damages and injuries to those that drive through and work in the loading dock area.  In the image below you can see Eddie Miller investigating the scan area adjacent to his 400 MHz antenna. If you would like a similar service performed, please find your local contact at

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