GPRS Performs Investigative Concrete Analysis

A contractor was doing some remodeling at a local hospital in the downtown Chicago, IL area.  Several cores were needed to run new gas and water lines from the floors below.  The contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Chicago to perform concrete scanning around these core locations.  

The contractor wanted to know if there were any unknowns already existing in the concrete that they would need to avoid when performing the coring.  At this location the floor was pan deck/metal decking with a wire mesh reinforcement.  The client was not concerned with the wire mesh, but did want to know where the highs and lows of the decking and any other unknowns.

GPRS scanning assists contractors by reducing the likelihood of subsurface obstruction strikes during drilling, cutting, trenching, anchoring and other sub-surface applications. Additionally, scanning can save valuable time by targeting specific anomalies/reinforcing/unknowns to be uncovered and provide depth and location as well as information about the surrounding concrete. Using GSSI Sir-3000 technology, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems located the highs and lows of the metal decking along with an unknown running through the area where the cores were to be placed.

This was all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way.  Scanning is done in real time with marks on the ground at the time of scanning.  No office/computer time to understand the results. The radar emits radiation less than 1% of that found to be emitted by standard cell phones. This means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons above or below the work zone which is ideal for working in settings were larger radiation sources could not be used.

GPRS specializes in ground penetrating radar and its various applications from utility locating, UST locating and concrete scanning.

When the need arises for reinforcing, conduit mapping or concrete analysis in Chicago, the greater Chicagoland area/suburbs, Northwest Indiana or any other surrounding areas with fast response times and easy scheduling, please contact John Lause at 312-485-7725 or at

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