GPRS Scans and Locates Electrical Bank

GPRS, Inc based in Tampa/St. Petersburg was called recently to a critical job site at a hospital.  The hospital was renovating an area that was ground level and needed to trench in new electrical lines for floor boxes.  Prior to saw-cutting the bottom floor trenches, someone suggested to have GPRS scan for anything in the cutting area.  The contractor decided to call GPRS to scan the area as a precaution.  Following the investigation, a large electrical bank was found to run directly under the saw-cut area and immediately beneath the concrete in some areas. The potential for cutting through this area without scanning could have been disastrous, risking injury to the saw-cut team as well as cutting power to parts of the facility.  GPRS was able to accurately and safely mark the location of the electrical bank using multiple pieces of equipment.  The original location was made with the EM pipe locator and the locations and depths were confirmed with the 1600 MHz ground penetrating radar antenna.

The image below shows the location of the proposed saw-cut area (red snapped line with clear coat) and the location of the electrical bank underneath with the depths indicated (red spray marking paint). As you can see on the far end, the concrete was 4-5 inches thick and the electrical bank was 5-8 inches in depth from the surface.  Once the cut was redesigned, the client verified GPRS’ findings on site and was able to work around the electrical bank to get the floor boxes where they were needed. If you would like similar work done in a facility, hospital or other building where there are concerns as to what lies below the surface, view our “Contact Us” page at

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