GPRS Scans the Chicago Skyline

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) assists in scanning one of the 50 or so high rises coming up in Chicago. Now we obviously did not scan the entire skyline, but we have scanned our fair share with much more work needing to be done!

For this particular project GPRS was called out to locate reinforcing as well as any conduits running within the concrete in order for the client to have a safe place to core through. With our multi-technology approach, we were able to find a safe place for them to core.

“Time is a primary currency traded on any given construction project. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, our everyday efficiency in operations allows us to respond to the immediate needs of our customers, often within 24 hours or less.” (

Scan before you plan! This ensures worker safety and saves valuable time by targeting specific areas of concern. GPRS can also provide GPS reports overlaid on Google Earth or overlay information on pre-existing CAD files for future building plans. This is all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive manner.

GPRS assists by giving a real-time depth view of subsurface hazards such as reinforcing, utilities, conduit, underground storage tanks, voids, etc. This reduces the likelihood of subsurface obstruction strikes during core drilling, saw cutting, trenching, soil boring, directional drilling, anchoring, and other sub-surface applications.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses the GSSI (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.) Sir-4000 technology in locating. GPRS also uses the RD-8100 Locator to locate live power and radio frequency (RF) signals underground. We can also detect utilities in or under concrete via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface utility line.

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