GPRS South Florida – Rebar Mapping at Hard Rock Stadium

Recently, the GPRS office, located in Miami Florida, was contacted by an electrical contractor that was completing a project at the Hard Rock Stadium located in Miami Gardens, Florida. This is also the home of the Miami Dolphins. This stadium recently underwent a five hundred-million-dollar renovation and work is continuing to be completed throughout the off-season at this facility. The GPRS team in South Florida has completed projects on this job site on several different occasions. This particular contractor was installing Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the stadium to help improve cell phone reception for its attendees. They contacted GPRS in order to locate any and all steel reinforcement in the areas that they planned on core drilling for their electrical conduits. It was very important to locate the steel within the slab in order to avoid compromising any of the structural integrity of the existing slab.

GPRS South Florida – Rebar Mapping at Hard Rock Stadium

For this particular project, the project manager pictured below is using GSSI’s (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.) SIR-3000, with their 1600 MHz antenna. With this equipment, he was able to identify the top and bottom layers of rebar located throughout the slab. A total of fifteen different areas were scanned, and steel was identified in each of these locations. With this information, the contractor was able to drill directly through the slab without damaging any of the reinforcement within the slab. In this particular case, no conduits were found to be within the areas scanned but this is oftentimes not the case. Our project managers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to identify any form of reinforcement within various concrete slabs, whether that be pan deck, rebar, post-tension cables or wire mesh. The use of our service can be applicable to many different types of projects.

Upon project completion, the company that contacted us for this project was extremely pleased with the result. Through effective communication and GPR knowledge, this project was completed without any issues. If you have an upcoming project that you would like us to assist on, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit the “contact us” page at or simply click here.

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