GPRS Supports History by Locating Urns and Unmarked Graves

Virginia contains many cemeteries, historic, and memorial sites. The changing landscape can erase the knowledge of what lies below the surface.  A client called in GPRS to identify unmarked graves throughout their property. GPRS was also able to locate the requested areas for urns in the cemetery as well.  GPRS can identify the depth and location of these areas, which have the potential of containing those at rest. We are able to identify potential plots in a safe, effective, and timely manner with no disturbance to the areas in question. This service is possible with the GSSI ground penetrating radar technology utilized by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Site sensitivity and customer satisfaction are key components to GPRS cemetery operations. We aim to provide satisfactory collaborative experiences and also provide data explanation and reporting as well as GPS mapping, CAD, and image overlays to assist in the needs for any project.  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia work diligently to provide quality expectations of what lies beneath the surface.

If you need a quote for cemetery mapping and investigation in Virginia, or the Arlington, Alexandria, DC, Southern and/or Northern Virginia areas please contact Stephen Yant at 703-851-3853 or at

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