GPRS Used to Help Drillers Avoid Radiant Heat Tubes

A General Contractor had a project in Wrentham, MA inside of a new office building development. The scope of the project was to drill through the floor in multiple locations so that anchor bolts could be placed in the ground to secure multiple staircases. The drillers did not want to hit any radiant heating tubes because if they did, the entire floor would have had to be excavated and the radiant heating would have had to be repaired or redone entirely. The General Contractor decided to contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Rhode Island after learning that they have been in business since 2001 and each technician has the experience of performing over 350 surveys per year. GPRS was able to complete the investigation the next day and allowed the project to proceed without hitting a single radiant heating tube. GPRS uses real time applications and were experienced enough to be able to locate all of the radiant heating in the scope of work and differentiate between the mesh in the floor, and the radiant heat tubes.

At the job site, GPRS scanned the new development in 12 locations where the anchor bolts were to be placed. The radiant heating was not ready to be turned on, so a thermal imager was not able to be used. With the vast knowledge and experience of the GPRS technician, the radiant heat was able to be mapped using only GPR. The General Contractor now had the information they needed to proceed with the project without causing any delays in the project going forward.

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