Ground Penetrating Radar Scan to Locate Conduits Embedded in an Elevated Slab at a Professional Baseball Stadium in Detroit, MI

Prior to concrete saw cutting it’s essential to have the information needed to perform the demolition without compromising any existing utilities that may be embedded in the slab. This is especially important when dealing with a professional sports franchise stadium. As they say the show must go on but it’s better to have all the lights working properly than not.

The facilities manager affiliated with a professional baseball team had a project where they had to saw cut out a section of an elevated slab inside the stadium to replace some worn concrete. The baseball team was traveling on a current road trip & the facilities manager only had a week to complete the project before the team returned home. They couldn’t afford to damage any existing utilities during the saw cutting process since they had limited time to complete it. The facilities manager contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Detroit to scan the elevated slab & determine if any conduits were in the area of the proposed saw cut. When GPRS showed up onsite they noticed an electrical room nearby. This was a definite sign of possible conduits passing through the area. Sure enough, GPRS was able to locate a live power conduit that fed some lighting inside the stadium. They marked the path directly on the surface in a clear manner so the saw cutting team wouldn’t have any issues. The facilities manager was pleased that a potential headache was diverted by contacting GPRS.

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