Ground Penetrating Radar Technology Utilized to Determine the Extent of Sub-Surface Voids inside a Business in Troy, MI

Whenever you can visually see concrete settling inside a building, the chances of voids could be present below the concrete floor. It’s extremely important to know the extent of the possible voids prior to conducting any repairs. The more information you have the better the situation can be assessed.

Troy2A General Contractor had a situation inside a business in Troy MI where there were visual cracks & settling of the concrete floor in spots throughout the building space. The building was built in the same location where a former house used to be. It was unknown as to what could have been possibly left underground that could cause the building to settle. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was contacted by the General Contractor at two separate times to check for potential voids beneath the concrete surface. During the first mobilization by GPRS, they located numerous voids throughout the building. After the General Contractor dug those areas up, they wanted more information on the extent of the voids. GPRS mobilized back to the site a few months later to scan other areas of the building. More possible voids were located during the concrete investigation. The General Contractor transferred the new information onto existing prints so they could come up with a game plan on how to repair the damage.

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