Ground Penetrating Radar Technology Utilized to Scan a Room inside a New Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI

It is always best to know more information as to what lies beneath a concrete floor before beginning to saw cut, even in the event the project is an ongoing new build of a hospital. It’s easy to say there aren’t any conduits passing through the room where saw cutting is to take place thinking nothing is there. Regardless if the building is a new build or constructed 30 years ago, the importance of knowing the paths of any sub-surface utilities should be the first step.

A general contractor had a project inside a hospital in Ann Arbor, MI where they had to make some improvements to a newly constructed room and add a floor drain. They didn’t know for sure if any conduits were placed in the floors during construction of the hospital. The fact the project was inside an ongoing newly constructed hospital, they thought nothing was laid in the concrete or just beneath but wanted to do their due diligence before compromising any utilities. Prior to saw cutting the floor, the contractor needed information on any sub-surface utilities that might be passing through the room. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of the Ann Arbor & Detroit Michigan region was contacted by the contractor to investigate the floor for sub-surface conduits. GPRS was able to mobilize to the site and utilize the latest in GPR technology to locate any obstructions in the proposed saw cutting area. While scanning the room, GPRS located numerous embedded conduits along with the plumbing pipe that needed to be tapped into. They marked the paths of the conduits/pipes directly on the surface and also provided the depths. It was a great idea for the contractor to have the floors scanned prior to saw cutting even though they thought nothing was passing through. By having GPRS out to investigate, it saved countless hours of having to trace back the origin of the conduits.

GPRS uses applications that are both safe & cost effective for everyone involved. The methods provide real-time results which allow projects to continue without interruption. For more information regarding the services GPRS provides, contact Regional Manager of Michigan, Thaddeus Bullock, at 734.377.4551 or

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