Ground Penetrating Radar Utilized to Locate Reinforcing Steel prior to Plumbing Installation in Portland, OR

A plumbing company was hired to remodel two bathrooms in a large apartment complex. There was a need to install new showers, toilets, and tubs in the bathrooms, which meant concrete sawing and coring was needed. Prior to beginning the sawing and drilling processess, the company contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Portland to scan the floors and locate the reinforcing steel and any conduit present. GPRS used a 1600 MHz antenna for the project that allowed for precise locating of the reinforcement/conduit, along with their corresponding depths. GPRS marked the reinforcing steel pattern and conduit locations directly on the floor using black permanent marker. The plumber was then able to choose specific locations for the new pipes, knowing that he would not hit any obstructions in the concrete removal process.To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in the Pacific Northwest, contact Project Manager, Eric Steyer, at 503.502.4781 or

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