GRPS uses EMI and 400MHz antenna to locate Utilities in Craig Colorado

GPRS was contacted by TriHydro Corporation of Laramie Wyoming to use ground penetrating radar and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) to locate utilities and possible underground storage tanks (UST’s) in Craig Colorado. The customer was going to do soil boring samples on the job and needed to verify that there were no utilities or tanks still present on the property. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to quickly mobilize and scan the area using 400MHz antenna, and EMI (electromagnetic induction).

The technician was able to quickly scan the area and mark out any findings that were located while using ground penetrating radar. Because GPR has instant results all findings were marked directly on the surface for the customer in real time. This was important to the customer as they needed results of all findings immediately. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was also able to use Electromagnetic Induction technology to scan the area and locate any targets that would put off a magnetic field.  This data is then processed in the truck so any potential targets can be communicated to the customer quickly and efficently.

In addition to locating underground storage tanks and utilities in Craig Colorado, we offer other non-destructive services such as void detection in Wyoming, concrete thickness testing in Fort Collins, and locating reinforcement in Vail Colorado. GRPS is also local in Phoenix, Arizona. To schedule a survey contact your local representative Adam Rock at

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