Introduction To Master Locators

Master Locators was started in 2003 by brothers Gus and Steve Sareyka. Our tagline “Because What’s Underneath Matters” is more than just what’s underneath the ground.  We are also referring to what’s underneath a person and this holds true to our core values. The ML core values include Humility, Integrity, and Passion. The deep respect we have for our customers and employees is the foundation for all decisions that we make which include admitting when we make mistakes. The integrity that forms the foundation of the Master Locators brand is shown to our customers by providing them with the most honest and open communication possible. The passion we have is the heart of our company by continuously being responsive, moving forward, innovating, and improving. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and treating our customers with the utmost respect. It’s about being a positive force in our community and being the best possible organization we can be. Every year we give back to our community by doing mission projects.  Some projects include building a playground in the Dominican Republic and donating time for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

The services that Master Locators offers includes GPR, Concrete Scanning, CCTV pipe inspection, Vacuum Excavation and SUE. We have been able to give our customers a one stop shop for their locating needs. Our customers are vital to us and we have continued to show that through our customer appreciation events, new customer welcome packages, and customer focused referral kits. Master Locators completed 12,933 jobs and we did over 16 million dollars in sales in 2018 mainly in the NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic areas. In 2018 we hit 100 employees and we expanded into Chicago. As of August 1st of 2019, we have 93 employees that are now with GPRS and 21 people went to Level A Underground Solutions.

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