Locating Rebar on Elevated Slab – Omaha, NE

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha was hired to locate rebar on a project in Omaha. The project involved repairing the broken concrete, but the client needed GPRS to identify the rebar.  GPRS specializes in accurately locating rebar, post tension cables and conduits to make sure each project stays on course without an incidents or delays. GPRS was able to locate and mark all the reinforcement running through the area of scope. The technician was able to determine the depth and location of the reinforcement and prevented a costly strike.

GPR is essential for every company to use before digging or excavating. Scanning the ground using GPRS services prevents expensive strikes and dangerous accidents while giving clients solutions to their subsurface problems. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha can assist you on any projects in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. For more information about how we help you on your project, please contact Will Sizemore at


or at (402) 506-0815.

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