Locating Underground Conduits

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha was hired to locate conduits underground in Omaha. The project involved required digging to remodel an existing parking lot. GPRS was able to locate high voltage electrical lines running through the area of scope. Every GPRS project is only successful if there are no accidental hits or strikes. The technician was able to determine the depth and location of the conduits and prevented a dangerous strike.

GPR is essential for every company to use before digging or excavating. Scanning the ground using GPRS services prevents costly repairs and dangerous accidents while giving clients solutions to their subsurface problems. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha can assist you on any projects in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. For more information about how we help you on your project, please contact Will Sizemore at


or at (402) 506-0815.

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