Locating Underground Storage Tank at the Residential Home in Decatur, GA

Recently, GPRS was contacted to locate an underground storage tank (UST) and any other possible utilities within the backyard of a residential property. Plans for this property needed the location of the abandoned oil tank to be determined for any future work to proceed on the property.

With the 400 MHz antenna, GPRS technicians were able to scan a predetermined area and provide clear locations for soil borings. Using the 400 MHz antenna, the length, width and depth of the UST was able to be marked on the ground using spray paint. The 400 MHz antenna will typically reach depths from 8-12’. An SIR-3000 computer system is what displays the data for interpretation. Although this project did not require documentation showing the results of the survey, GPRS is capable of providing a written report to accompany the on-site markings.

In the pictures below you can see the UST clearly marked. With the mobility of the push cart we were able to scan the area in a quick and thorough fashion. The second photo is a probable septic tank that was not known to be on site and was added to be cored and sampled for the environmental studies.

If you would like a quote for a scan to possibly find a UST, please visit the “contact us” page at www.gp-radar.com to contact your local GPRS representative.

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