Locating Underground Utilities at Energy Services Facility in Ohio

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted to locate underground utilities at an energy services facility in Ohio that was planning a construction project on a site that required excavation of property close to integral facilities.

The utility location service was provided to ensure the safe excavation of the work site along with the goal of not interrupting vital services to the facility itself.  Ground penetrating radar along with radio detection and direct connect methods were used to locate the water lines, gas lines, power lines, steam lines, and unknown underground utilities that passed through or near the excavation site.

The depths of the utility lines were also detected by GPR and radio detection, giving the excavation crew additional information to avoid encountering utilities during the project.  Documentation of the located utilities was done by GPRS technicians using GPS.  A Google Earth Map, photos of the job site and a summary report were also provided by GPRS in order to ensure engineers, project managers, safety personnel and construction crew members have documentation of the findings.  The information that GPRS, Inc. is able to provide to planning and construction teams is an important step in the completion of many construction projects.  The safety and money-saving advantages of using GPRS on the job site cannot be overlooked.

Field markings of power, gas, water, and steam lines located with GPR and radio detection methods

In construction, professionalism is everything, and completing your projects without incidents can make or break your bottom line. When you are excavating, it is important to have the utilities privately and publicly located. Utilizing GPRS for your project will help reduce injury, reduce lost productivity, and maintain incident-free professionalism that your clients demand.

GPRS uses the latest and greatest technology to locate power lines, fiber lines, water lines, UST’s, storm drains, and sewer drains under the surface. Utilizing GPRS on your project can help mitigate costly repairs, prevent severe injuries, and also maintain the integrity of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Pittsburgh is available to service the private utility locating and concrete scanning needs of Western Pennsylvania.

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