Locating Underground Utilities

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Inc. was contacted to locate underground utilities by an electric company that was planning to install additional site lighting at a residential facility.

For this job, the GPRS technician was tasked with scanning two 20’x10’ areas and two trench lines, 30’ and 200’ long, in order to locate any utility lines that were running through the work areas.

The contractor had been proactive and marked the scan areas prior to GPRS arrival and used the PA One Call service to locate the power and communications lines that were within the dig areas. With the “One Call” markings in place, the project manager had planned to start digging their 3 feet deep hole between the sidewalk and the cable line.  As is the case with many underground utility jobs, no one wants to believe that there will be anything that runs through their work area.  The GPRS technician began their work by first confirming the location and depths of the lines previously marked, supplying extra detail to the excavation crew.  Next, the technician confirmed the location of other lines that were in the area.  At this job location, it was noted that site lighting and water lines also could have passed through the area.  By using the ground penetrating radar and radio detection direct connect method, the technician was able to locate the site lighting wires and the water line, which both passed through the work area.  Due to this information, the dig location was relocated and the safe excavation of the area was completed.

For this job, GPRS was able to provide thorough and precise work that was effectively communicated to the contractor.   The high quality of work provided by GPRS ensured that the project was completed safely, and in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In construction, professionalism is everything, and completing your projects without incidents can make or break your bottom line. When you are excavating, it is important to have the utilities privately and publicly located. Utilizing GPRS for your project will help reduce injury, reduce lost productivity, and maintain incident-free professionalism that your clients demand.

GPRS uses the latest and greatest technology to locate power lines, fiber lines, water lines, UST’s, storm drains, and sewer drains under the surface. Utilizing GPRS on your project can help mitigate costly repairs, prevent severe injuries, and also maintain the integrity of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Pittsburgh is available to service the private utility locating and concrete scanning needs of Western Pennsylvania.

(Field markings, indicating site lighting, electrical line, cable line and water line.)

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