Locating Utilities for a Kroger Expansion in Michigan

Recently GPRS of Michigan mobilized and performed GPRS services at a Kroger store to scan for sub surface utilities while excavations and construction was being performed. The contractor was concerned about a possible electrical primary that was located outside the building where the construction was being done. With a addition being built and concrete footings being installed, the contractor wanted to know where the primary was before they started digging. GPRS of Michigan arrived on site and located the possible electrical primary so that the contractor could keep his project moving.

GPRS of Michigan has successfully completed numerous jobs throughout the state of Michigan in cities like Detroit, Saginaw, Mt. Pleasant and Lansing. Whether its conduit mapping, locating post tension cables, utility locating or rebar mapping prior to coring please contact us today.   To learn how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can assist you with your next project in the Michigan area, please contact Dave Paul at 517-231-9383 or by email dave.paul@gp-radar.com.

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