Locating Water Leaks at an Orlando Theme Park

Orlando has many theme parks. One of those theme parks had a large water pipe running near a pool area that had a leak. They were able to locate the leak and repair it. However, due to the water leakage, they were worried there could possibly be a large void underneath the pool area which can be problematic for the structural integrity of the pool. The renovation team hired to correct the issue knew that GPRS would be able to assist in detecting the possible voided area underneath the pool.

To correct the issue, the repair team would need to drill and then inject material in several locations to fill the void under the pool. The team was also aware of the possibility that there could be utilities running directly underneath the pool deck. Water and electrical lines could very well be right underneath the pool making the team hesitant to simply drill through the deck to inject the corrective material. GPRS was able to scan the concrete pool deck and give the team knowledge of where the void was and how wide it was in all directions. After locating the void area, the scan technician then proceeded to mark out all of the structural steel and possible utilities. To preserve the aesthetics of the pool, lumber crayons were used which would wash away days after the scanning was completed. A report was provided to the company including data shots and photos outlining the details of the findings. Several days after the void was located, the company mapped out their injection points and was able to correct the issue without additional damage to the pool or utilities.

The picture below is Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. scanning the pool deck slab surface.

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Orlando FL

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