Ma•ni•a•cal (məˈnīəkəl): exhibiting or denoting obsessive enthusiasm


As a Project Manager with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, every once in a while, you’ll find yourself scanning through an endless field, under a cloudless sky, before a backdrop of the Oquirrh Mountains, all while focusing on a scrolling Radargram–basically a dream job.

You’re confident that there’s nothing in this field, and your site contact is confident that there’s nothing in this field, but your site contact’s customer has the policy to scan the ground before ANY penetrating of the ground (even if they’re just skimming off the top couple of feet to collect fill dirt). So you scan…and scan…and scan…and scan…then you STOP.

At times like this, the value of extensive training, attention to detail, and diligence becomes evident. Had the old drainage line (marked in red, per the customer’s request, for contrast purposes) that I found with my radar been found with an excavator’s scoop, that would have constituted a Stop Work Event, causing delays, expenses, and frustration.

Nothing that travels around in a GPRS truck has more money and attention invested in it than the Project Manager in the driver’s seat. Our customers depend on not only our impressive suite of tools, our network of experienced radar technicians that covers all of the US and Canada, or our exemplary response time. But also, unknowingly, they depend on the intense, unrelenting, and unapologetically maniacal emphasis we place on problem-solving, attention to detail, and safety.

To each his own, but if you found yourself nodding your head while reading this article, then your company probably suffers from (read: “prospers because of“) the same maniacal adherence to good values. If that’s the case, then we should consider doing some business together. You will be joining a long and growing list of customers who can’t get enough of our “obsessive enthusiasm” for getting their job done right and right away.

Give your local GPRS Guru a shout.

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