Minneapolis International Airport – Post Tension Mapping

Recently a couple of leading global providers of vehicle rental services at the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Airport swapped locations within the rental/ rental return parking ramps. This project involved completely re-striping the new areas, moving and installing new traffic control spikes and booths, removing and re-installing all new signage throughout the areas etc. All of this occurred while rentals flowed out and rental returns came back in throughout the process. It’s a rather large coordination effort involving many days and much planning to complete.

Once again, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called upon to assist the various contractors with locating the post tension cables, steel reinforcement, utilities and conduits located within the concrete. GPRS was called upon so that they could complete their installs in a timely fashion and do as little as possible to disrupt the flow of business to the vehicle rental providers.

GPRS Project Manager, Troy Bartlett was contacted to scan and map the post-tension and rebar in the floor, ceiling, columns and the beams of the parking ramp. His efforts allowed the contractors to stay ahead of schedule with the installation, without disrupting the daily customers of the vehicle rental facilities.

For GPRS applications in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, call 320.247.0451 or 507.884.0836, or email troy.bartlett@gp-radar.com

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