Private Utilities Detected

The #1 concern on construction projects in the 21st century has been safety; safety for the community where the project is being conducted, safety for the workers, tradesman, contractors, and safety for those that occupy the project after its completion. The last several decades have seen an increase in OSHA standards and policies. Individual contractors

Helping Local Business Development

Prior to excavating and trenching for new electrical and communication conduit install, a local electrical contractor subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to locate possible utility lines in select areas throughout the property. The contractor noticed multiple electrical conduits running into the ground near the area they were about to dig and needed to safely

Going the Extra Mile on the the Job

GPRS was called to our site after the general contractor had discovered that a number of electrical floor boxes had been covered over during the concrete pour. The pour was a 12” thick, elevated concrete slab. It was the objective of GPRS to scan the elevated concrete slab and identify the location of the floor

Private Utility Locates at Dodger Stadium

As electric cars become more and more economical and more and more popular on our roadways, charging station providers have been doing everything they can to keep up with the demand. This has been especially true in Southern California which has been one of the earliest mass adopters of the technology. This has led to

Scanning 60 miles of pipeline in West Texas

Prior to installing a new 60 mile underground pipeline, an energy company subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to locate all existing underground utilities within the proposed trench path.   After completion of this project, we were able to provide our client with more than 20 unknown lines crossing pipeline right of way. With the help