Partnership with Level A

Master Locators was recently acquired by a nationwide, industry leading utility locating company, GPRS, Inc. For 16 years, Master Locators has been a trusted provider of a variety of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services from utility locating, mapping, CCTV pipe inspection, concrete scanning and air and hydro excavation. Master Locators will continue to provide the majority of these services as part of GPRS, the exception being air and hydro excavation.

In order to continue providing specialized air and hydro vacuum excavation services, Master Locators formed a new company, Level A Underground Solutions (Level A), with a focus on providing the highest quality air and hydro vacuum excavation on the market. Through a partnership together, Level A and GPRS will be your one stop shop for SUE services.

Comprised of former Master Locators vacuum excavation field crews and office staff, Level A currently has 21 employees. The company is run by former members of Master Locators leadership team, Eric Woelkers and Kevin Sareyka. Kevin and Eric have been key factors in the growth and success of Master Locators over the years, contributing to the 475% increase in annual revenues that Master Locators has seen during their time with the company. Eric was previously the Quality Control Manager overseeing the Vacuum Excavation team with Master Locators, while Kevin was Master Locators’ Business Development Manager. Eric and Kevin, along with the rest of the Level A team, are looking forward to expanding business in the Northeast and throughout the entire country.

Level A provides personalized customer service and the flexibly to work with their customers to meet their specific project needs. With years of experience providing vacuum excavation as Master Locators, Level A provides exceptional service and offers a variety of equipment options to accommodate any type of projects.

“We are excited about the partnership with GPRS and grateful of the growth potential that it gives our company! Together, we plan to provide our customers with an even higher level of quality and customer service.” – Eric Woelkers, COO, Level A Underground Solutions

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