Post Tension Cable Locating in Apartment Complex

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor in the Louisville area to locate post-tension cables in the slab. The concrete slab was to be sawed to access the clean out drains in the breezeways of the apartment complex. The drains had to be repaired and the contractor did not want to saw through one of the many post-tension cables in the slab.

The 1600 MHz antenna was used to locate the cables. Once the cable was located, it was marked on the slab with orange paint. The area was scanned 5 feet on each side of the cleanout drain. After marking the locations on the slab, the findings were communicated to the general contractor.

In the pictures below are two separate breezeways where the post tension cables were located prior to cleanout drain repairs.

To set up scanning for concrete or for locating utilities, contact Tyler Allen at (502) 528-8396 or

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