Private Utility Locate on Military Base

GPRS was contacted recently to work on a large military project in Jacksonville, Florida. The client was installing a new communication tower and needed to directional bore new conduit approximately 11,000 linear feet along current road structure. GPRS scanned the length of the proposed bore line to locate and mark all utilities with depths, in order for the contractor to avoid damaging any current utilities. Gas, Water, Sanitary/sewer, electrical, communication/fiber optic lines were all located along the path. GPS coordinates were taken and all findings were inserted into a CAD file for the records of the contractor.

Utility locating services, like this, allow contractors to complete large complicated projects without the major concern of “What is underground?” GPRS provides a service that answers many previously unanswered questions and provides an ease of mind for those working on projects that include digging, boring, trenching or excavation. In the image below you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker marking a utility running through the future location of the Communication Tower. If you would like similar work completed, or a quote for another use of GPR, please visit the “contact us” page at

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