Reinforcement Mapping

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by architects to locate the reinforcement running through a commercial slab of concrete.  The architects were concerned of the safety issues with the load-bearing capabilities of the slab for future machinery that was going to be implemented into the warehouse. In order to safely place the machinery, the architects needed to know the amount of reinforcement in the slab, the depth of the reinforcement in the slab, and the thickness of the concrete prior to placing the machinery accurately and safely.  GPRS was able to arrive onsite within 24 hours of the requested job and safely locate the entire reinforcement running inside the slab of concrete, the depth of the reinforcement, and the thickness of the concrete throughout the warehouse.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a GSSI 1600 MHz antenna for this application to locate the reinforcement. All findings were marked directly on the concrete with crayon at the customer’s request for easy interpretation and easy cleanup of the marked areas.  GPR was ideal for this application due to the active work site in the surrounding areas.  GPR emits no radiation and is safe for others to work in the area near the scan location.  All Ground Penetrating Radar is real time data that is displayed and can be marked with 1/8” accuracy as the GPRS technician is scanning.  There is no need for after-site data analysis or processing.  This application makes is easy to get quick and accurate results in a manner that does not hold up the rest of the job or anyone else operating on that job site.

For a similar scan on your job site in the North Texas region, please contact Adam Kubicki at 972.922.0223 or at  X-ray has been used to locate utilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Addison, and Carrolton, Texas.  GPRS can also be used to locate your residential gas line, water line, sewer line, and other important utilities that can cause safety issues as well as financial.  Please contact us to discuss further details on how we can assist you on your next project.


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