Reinforcing Steel in Rooftop Located and Marked to Safely Install 20 Tie-Downs

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to respond immediately to perform the work that required locating all reinforcing steel in the slab prior to drilling. The local construction company was contacted to install tie down locations on the rooftop to allow future work to be done safely. The project was undertaken in Colorado Springs Colorado and local technician Shawn Selmeski was able to facilitate in the project.  Over twenty locations on the rooftop were scanned and anchors were placed with no interference with the reinforcing in the rooftop slab.

GPRS is available to locate reinforcements in a concrete slab, whether it’s post tension cables or rebar. Locating conduits and utilities also fall under the abilities of our technicians.   Please feel free to contact Shawn Selmeski for the Colorado Springs area at 720-340-6200 or email him directly at  For a listing of our nationwide locations visit

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