Slab Analysis at Hospital in PA

A Pennsylvania Hospital undergoing some upgrades and renovations needed to remove a huge section of floor so that they could transport a brand new, state of the art MRI machine down into the basement to replace their old equipment. Before they could cut the floor open, the structural engineers working with the general contractor needed to decide if removing the floor might compromise the structural integrity of the building, so they contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) to perform a survey of the concrete and identify what type of reinforcing was present within the slab. Daniel Slachta, the Project Manager of Southern New Jersey and the tri state area performed scans and compiled the data. A full report was provided to the engineers, allowing an informed decision on the next course of action.The next time you have a need to perform a concrete analysis in the Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia area, contact Project Manager:

Daniel Slachta
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