Snow Falls in Nevada as GPRS Locates Utilities on Old Railroad Site

When the temperature is well below freezing, the snow is consistently falling, and you’ve got work to do, it makes sense to get things done quickly and accurately so as not to waste any time. Using a combination of ground penetrating radar and radio detection increases your chances of avoiding utilities and keeping your project safe, on time and on budget.

GPRS was contacted by an environmental company to locate utilities at a site in Wells, NV, At the time of scanning the temperature was 12 degrees and lightly snowing. The site had foundations of old railroad buildings that had been destroyed long ago. Some of the foundations had even been completely buried by years of dirt washing over them. Testing was being done around a tank that needed to be excavated.

GPRS was able to use the combination of ground penetrating radar with a 400 mHz antenna and radio detection to allow them to safely complete this work. All of the findings were clearly marked on the surface with spray paint.



Prior to saw cutting, core drilling, excavating or boring in the Reno and Northern Nevada areas, be safe & get as many questions answered as to what sub-surface obstructions are present. Contact GPRS Project Manager, Andrew Yates, at 775-560-8915 or

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