Soil Depth Above Ammo Bunkers Verified Using GPRS

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia was utilized to detect the depth of soil on top of ammunition bunkers, at a military installation in VA. Regulations had changed to mandate non-destructive methods to verify soil depths on top of the bunker. They called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. to locate GPRS Project Manager Josiah Donaldson verified the depth and location of several areas needing more soil coverage and put together a report that the customer could reference when ordering a work ticket for more soil to be added to the top of the bunkers.

Whether you are locating utilities or satisfying the bank’s questions about any subsurface surprises, GPRS has your answers. For Ground Penetrating Radar projects in the Richmond, Williamsburg, or Virginia Beach, VA areas, contact Josiah Donaldson at or call 804-393-8744 or 757-319-1903.

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