Technician Profile – John Lause

John Lause

What city of cities have you worked in for GPRS?


How long have you been with GPRS?

3.25 years

What personal accomplishments are you proud of achieving at GPRS?

Winning the Good to Great award last year, helping to grow and expand the Chicago region, the personal relationships built over my time here. Having someone continue to want to work with you because they can trust you to do the job right is probably the one I am most proud of

Tell us about your spouse, family, kids, and/ or pets?

Married to Meghan for five years with 2 kids (4&2) and another on the way any day now

What are your hobbies?

Fantasy baseball/football, ultimate Frisbee, sports

What is your favorite sports team?   

Syracuse Football and Basketball, Cleveland Browns, Indians

What is your favorite thing about the town you live in?

Beecher is a small town, it’s quiet but close enough to the city to take advantage of the activities there

What has been your favorite job site that you have worked at and why?

Any of the roof top jobs in the city, the view of the lake and skyline is something that you can’t normally get especially for free

What is your favorite aspect of your work here at GPRS?

Same skills and tools are used everyday but each job/application is different and meeting new people every day

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Maggiano’s (great Italian food)

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

Anywhere warm with a beach, Belize is both and has a lot to see with an interesting history

What is your claim to fame (what do people find really interesting about you)?

My height, I guess being 6’8’’ people tend to notice

Do you have a motto that you live or work by if so what is it?

Success doesn’t come without hard work

What is your biggest personal goal in the next five years?

Finish off the man cave in the basement, and take the family to Disney

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