Technician Profile – Nate Stair

Nate Stair

What city of cities have you worked in for GPRS?


How long have you been with GPRS?

Since March of 2011

What personal accomplishments are you proud of achieving at GPRS?

Building the Raleigh territory into a successful market.

Tell us about your spouse, family, kids, and/ or pets?

My wife’s name is Ashley and we’ve been married for 8 years this fall. We have 2 beautiful girls, Jada is 2 and Mia is 5 years old. We love being outdoors and spending weekend at the beach.

What are your hobbies?

Golf, Fishing, and hunting the elusive whitetail deer.

What is your favorite sports team?

The Ohio State Buckeyes

What is your favorite thing about the town you live in?

I enjoy the outdoor activities like downtown festivals, night life, and diversity of people from all over the country. We have 3 universities and there’s alway something going on.

What has been your favorite job site that you have worked at and why?

I’ve worked at the PNC Arenawhere the Carolina Hurricanes play scanning concrete for anchoring guard rails and also scanning inside the locker rooms.

What is your favorite aspect of your work here at GPRS?

I really like the challenge of performing our services for our customers in highly critical situations. I feel this sets us apart from other GPR companies. I also enjoy running a territory and all the responsibilities that come with the position as Regional Manager.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is The Pit because the BBQ is crazy good!

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

Any lake where I can catch large mouth bass.

What is your claim to fame (what do people find really interesting about you)?

I would say my claim to fame is being a father and husband. If I didn’t do anything else in life but I was great father and husband, I would be happy with that.

Do you have a motto that you live or work by if so what is it?

I can do all thing through him who gives me strength. – Phillipians 4:13

What is your biggest personal goal in the next five years?

I have a personal goal here at GPRS to turn NC and SC into a $3 million a year in revenue having 10 technicians in the 2 states.

Final Thoughts:
“I am a Christian and I believe in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. He has blessed this company and I have been blessed to be apart of this incredible team here at GPRS.”

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