Underground Storage Tank Locating – Minot, North Dakota

John Incorvaia | Project Manager

The property location was in the parking lot of a building, currently being transitioned into a multi-business office building. A gas station once sat on the southeast corner of the property many years ago. The area to be scanned is where the old filling station was once located.

An environmental consultant contacted GPRS to use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to verify whether or not the USTs (Underground Storage Tanks) are in place and if so, to mark out the approximate location(s) under the surface. Technician John Incorvaia was able to use GPR to essentially “X-Ray” the asphalt, through the soil, to provide reliable, real time data of the UST’s remaining. To confirm that this was the only area in which UST’s were located; our technician scanned the surrounding areas of the parking lot. For service from GPRS in North Dakota please contact us in Bismarck at (701)202-8182 or Fargo at (701)371-4461.

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