Underground Utility Locating Methods Used at a Substation in Detroit MI Prior to Excavating

When excavating or drilling it is essential to know what underground utilities could be passing through the proposed areas. Not knowing these utilities could be in the area can result in serious injury & also cost the contractor more money in repairs, damages and delays anything damaged. These facts are multiplied when working inside an electrical substation complex.

A general contractor had a project on the inside of an electrical substation complex near Detroit, MI where they were going to be drilling to place a 90 foot high post into the ground. There were no as-built drawings of any existing underground utilities showing the paths prior to the drilling taking place. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems from the Detroit/Ann Arbor MI region was contacted to investigate the area to search for underground utilities. GPRS utilized ground penetrating radar & radio detection to scan the area. They marked numerous separate utilities passing directly through the proposed drilling location. Everything was marked directly on the surface, all findings were then communicated to the onsite personnel & then a hand drawn sketch with measurements was provided. The information provided by GPRS allowed the contractor to plan accordingly so no injuries occurred during the process & no underground utilities were compromised.

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