Underground Utility Locating Performed Around a Helipad Outside the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI

Prior to excavating or drilling outside, it’s helpful to have information on the sub-surface utilities that might be within the construction area. During any sub-surface exploration it’s imperative not to compromise any of the underground utilities. Having the private utilities marked will help the process continue on more smoothly.

A general contractor was asked to install a security fence around the helipad outside at the university hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. Prior to digging the post holes for the fence the contractor needed to have the areas investigated for possible underground utilities that could be in the proposed fence line. It was essential there weren’t any utilities compromised throughout the process especially near the helicopter pad. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Ann Arbor, MI was contacted to investigate the areas surrounding the helipad to make sure any utilities were identified prior to digging the holes for the security fence. GPRS utilized a radio detection device in the surrounding areas of the helipad where there was uneven and sloped ground to identify any utilities. Any utilities located were marked/flagged directly on the surface and then communicated to the general contractor. GPRS also provided a sketch of where the utilities were passing through in the event the flags were removed prior to the digging process. Knowing where the utilities were allowed the contractor to continue with confidence on the path of the security fence.

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